LJ-5400 cable pulling hoist



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Wire rope pulling hoist (Tirfor) is operated in accordance with lever principle by the means of pulling the forward handle or the backward handle manually to make it move straight so as to finish such three function as lifting,pulling and tensioning with less manual force to obtain the load of more tonnage. It have four model: 0.8t1.6t,3.2t and5.4t, It has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small dimensions, carry convenience and labor-saving, safe and reliable, long service life, need small handle pulling force, the wear of the wire rope of small etc.. It can be working for upgrade, traction, drop, calibration. Wire rope pulling hoist is suitable for factories, mines, construction sites, wharf, transport and so on various occasions, is the installation of equipment, cargo lifting, object fixed, binding and traction ideal tool, especially an arbitrary angle of traction and the narrow site, open operation and no power supply condition, displays the superiority. 
There are various names for wire rope pulling hoist, such as: tirfor, tirfor winch, cable winch, wire pulling, cable pullers, wire rope winch, wire rope hoist, lever winch, pulling hoist, griphost, rope pully host, manual hosts, cable pulling tools, pulling machines, etc.


Tirforwire rope pulling hoist

Manual Cable Pullr-Blue 5.4T